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You‘re planning a trip to Lucerne? That’s a good idea!

Our Bed and Breakfast „Bettstatt“ offers you a good valued and cultivated possibility to stay over night in the center of Lucerne.


Lucerne - the city for tourists

Lucerne is situated in the heart of Switzerland, by the lake „Vierwaldstättersee“ and surrounded by the foot hills oft he Alps.

The „City of Lights“  has a charming old town as well as wonderful sites, like the world famous watertower, museums , especially the museum of traffics, which invite you to strole and enjoy. (see "links").

Lucerne - the city of art

Various international festivals like „The Blue Balls Festival“ (Jazz), „Fumetto“ (comics), „ B-Sides“ (festivals) „Lucerne Festival“ (classics) or numerous events to go („Südpol“, „Schüür“, „Lucerne theater“, make Lucerne a city of culture.  (see "Links").